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May 27 2014

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South Beach Smoke Review

South Beach Smoke coupon is one of the ecigs available nowadays that comes with a coupon. Is it a good one or not? Let's check it out.

The Deluxe Starter Kit is smaller than other kits so it's easier to carry around but it has a rather cheap design. When you first open the box, the contents are really basic, as opposed to the "deluxe" name. You don't really get anything premium. The kit costs $59.99 plus $9.99 for shipping. The price might vary from one month to another.

When you read the website, they state that the tobacco flavor is the same as certain brands of regular cigars. That's not really true. The flavors taste pretty weird, giving a chemical, popcorn or medicinal aftertaste. There are ten available but after you try a few, you aren't curious to try them all. Another bad thing about flavors is that once you get the kit, you get confused because they are not labeled. Each cartridge has a color that is supposed to represent a flavor. When you're new to their ecigs, you certainly don't want to look on the website to see the meaning of the colors. And the colors don't really help either. There is light brown (tobacco, you'll find that out after you browse the website), dark brown (chocolate) and so on. They could have clear labels.

The vapor production is satisfying due to the good batteries. They make a nice cloud even when they are almost depleted. That's a plus for South Beach Smoke. But it comes with a price. When you inhale, you'll hear some cracking noises. It's probably because the cartridge and battery aren't properly sealed. The harder you inhale, the louder they are. And that mechanical sound can ruin the whole experience.

All in all, the South Beach Smoke ecigs are not recommendable. Except for the durable battery life, there is not much to praise about them. They are definitely not a good choice for someone new to electronic cigarettes due to their funny-tasting flavors. And an experienced e-smoker won't like them either as he can notice a big difference compared to other brands such as V2 cigs. The South Beach Smoke ecig is also annoyingly noisy. If you're a heavy smoker who likes to drag hard on the cig, you'll hate that noise as it sounds as if something gets broken there. Instead of relaxing, you'll get angrier. So you can't enjoy at all the same smoking experience. For $59.99 for a so-called "deluxe" kit that doesn't contain anything but basics, you can get a much better e cigarette.

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